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Creative Alliance Group was born out of the construction industry. For more than a decade, Creative Alliance Group has provided their customers with consulting services specifically designed for the construction industry. We target four disciplines of construction and development - Construction Partnering, Permitting & Zoning, Project Management and Strategic Political Relationships. Each of these disciplines requires the ability to develop and manage collaboration among all of the stakeholders involved with a project. With skills, strategies and expertise resulting from 30 years in construction and development, Creative Alliance Group provides our clients with a hands-on approach to implementing teamwork, collaboration, project efficiencies and maximizing profitability. We do not rely on boilerplate techniques and “one size fits all” solutions.


Instead, we develop and implement game changing tactics for each of our specialized disciplines. We understand what it takes to keep projects moving forward. We never take our eye off of the importance of project budgets. We know how much money it costs for every day that a project is behind schedule. We know how to keep the lines of communication open by deploying dispute avoidance and resolution strategies. We bring with us an arsenal of tools unique to developing effective communication, collaboration and coordination between all project stakeholders. We deploy proprietary Creative Alliance Group methodologies and procedures that result in a top-down integrated strategy for success. 






Communicate. Collaborate. Facilitate.


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