The economy is tough. Construction costs are climbing while budgets are getting cut. Building specifications are increasing while project timelines are being reduced. Yet our construction industry has survived. Why? Because members of the construction industry are natural problem solvers. They know how to work around design issues, specification modifications and municipality requirements.


Although they are each experts in their individual trades, the successful construction of a project requires more than individual problem solving. It requires a collaborative effort from dozens, often hundreds, of industry personnel. It requires a team of experts and trade specialists all working toward a common goal – focused on more than just their trade – they need to focus on making the construction of the project itself a success. In order for this to happen the stakeholders must collaborate, have effective communications and work together to solve problems – it requires teamwork. And, the most cost effective way to achieve this teamwork is through construction partnering.


Construction partnering is a proactive approach to risk mitigation, problem solving, communication and collaboration. It is a set of project specific strategies and action plans that are implemented for the successful design and build out of the project. Partnering is not the same as, but complimentary to, construction management. It is a specific process focused on budget compliance, schedule adherence, performance enhancement, quality improvement, safety mitigation and identifying and resolving issues (i.e. dispute prevention) before they negatively affect the project or the stakeholder relationships.


Our construction industry is more fragmented than ever. This fragmentation can lead to budget overruns, project delays, communication problems, finger pointing and ultimately, litigation. The solution? Neutral-third party facilitated construction partnering with Creative Alliance Group.



- Public Transportation
   - Public Roads and Highways
   - Airport Facilities
   - Railways
   - Public Transportation Facilities

- Environmental Improvements
   - Water & Sewer Installations
   - Power Transmission Lines
   - Sewer and Water Treatment Facilities
   - Sewer and Water Pump Stations

- Public Health and Safety
   - Police Stations
   - Detention Centers
   - Jailhouses
   - Prisons
   - Firehouses
   - Hospitals
   - Border Patrol Installments
   - Courthouses

- Educational Facilities
   - Schools (Public)
   - Schools (Charter and Private)
   - Libraries
   - Administration Offices  

- Military
   - Housing
   - Avionic Installations
   - Military Installments

- Static Transportation Structures
   - Parking Garages
   - Bridges

- Flood Control
   - Dams
   - Detention & Retention Basins
   - Drainage Master Plans
   - Watercourse Master Plans
   - Levees
   - Channels

- Energy and Renewable Energy
   - Waste to energy
   - Solar
   - Gasification

- Recreation Facilities
   - Community Centers
   - Sports Facilities
   - Senior Centers

- Beautification Projects
   - Landscaping Improvements
   - Asphalt Replacement
   - Building Modification

- Environmental Protection
   - SWPPP Requirements
   - Detention Basins
   - Solid Waste Disposal (Land Fills)
   - Materials (Hazardous and other)

- Commercial
   - Retail Centers
   - Office
   - Warehouse

- Hospitality
   - Hotels
   - Resorts
   - Golf Courses

- Industrial
   - Manufacturing
   - Warehouses

- Health Care Facilities
   - Nursing Facilities
   - Assisted Care
   - Hospitals
   - Rehabilitation Centers
   - Medical Facilities

- Residential
   - Multi-Family
   - Master-Planned Communities
   - Recreational Facilities
   - Single-Family Communities

- Land Development
   - Zoning and Permitting
   - Infrastructure Installation



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