Construction Partnering


Construction Partnering – the words alone can invoke images of sitting in a circle, trust walks and the mantra of “kumbaya”. While there may be a time and place for these exercises, at Creative Alliance Group we take the “kumbaya” out of the process. Instead, the backbone of our Construction Partnering Program is focused on building operational effective alignment between all project stakeholders.

We are more than just a Construction Partnering Firm that provides facilitated partnering sessions. We have more than two decades of in the field, hands-on construction and development experience as both a project manager and general contractor. From this experience we developed our proprietary Construction Partnering Program. Our program has been specifically developed for the successful design, construction and commissioning of construction projects across all sectors.


Our Construction Partnering Program is not taken from a library of previously used agendas and workshop documentation. We provide each of our clients, and each of our projects, with customized top-down integrated workshop strategies, agendas and formats. Each workshop is specific; Specific to that project; Specific to that project’s building methodology; Specific to that project team and specific to that project’s challenges, issues and opportunities.

Each workshop is specific to the project, the stakeholders and the project challenges and opportunities

Our clients understand the critical importance of incorporating our construction experience in order to be an effective and neutral Construction Partnering facilitator. We analyze our client’s projects from all vantage points.

Our Focus

We know how to implement project specific strategies and goals to get each project off the ground and pushing it forward. We understand how to keep all parties driving towards collaboration, project efficiencies and dispute avoidance. We focus on stakeholder alignment, expediting schedules, budget compliance, improved QA/QC, safety, dispute prevention and resolution, mitigating issues related to start up and commission all while minimizing project impacts.

    Helping project teams to deploy techniques targeted at improving communication between all project stakeholders. 
    Working together as a team to identify issues and co-develop effective solutions.
    Customized workshops led by a neutral facilitator with direct hands on construction experience and leadership skills in organization, management and construction mitigation measures.  


Additionally, because of our hands-on construction experience, we know how to turn around a project whose costs has far exceeded its’ budget. We know what to do when a project has been impacted by delays and is plagued with disputes. We develop a team strategy to help to eliminate finger pointing and blame. We know what it takes to get in the trenches and rebuild a framework of collaboration in order to get the project and team back on track.

We are on the approved construction partnering facilitator lists, and/or incorporate the best practices for partnering from dozens of local, state and federal agencies from across the country as well as internationally.

References will be provided upon request.


The construction industry is busy. Construction costs are climbing, and resources are being strained. Design criteria and building specifications are becoming more challenging while project schedules are being squeezed. However, our construction industry continues to thrive. Why? Because members of the construction industry are natural problem solvers. They know how to work through design issues, specification modifications and municipality requirements.

Although they are all experts in their individual trades, the successful construction of a project requires more than individual problem solving. It requires a collaborative effort from dozens, often hundreds, of industry personnel. It requires a team of experts and trade specialists all working toward a common goal – focused on more than just their trade – a goal focused on the successful construction and commissioning of the project itself.

The most cost effective way to achieve project success is by incorporating Creative Alliance Groups proprietary Construction Partnering Program

In order for this to happen the stakeholders must collaborate, have clear communication methods and work together to solve problems – this requires functioning as an effectively aligned team pushing toward successfully meeting common project goals and requirements. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is through the Creative Alliance Group Construction Partnering Program.

Construction Partnering is a proactive approach to risk mitigation, problem identification and solving, effective communication and overall stakeholder collaboration. It is a set of project specific strategies and action plans recommended for the successful design, build out and commissioning of the project.


Construction management does not equal Construction Partnering. Construction Partnering is a project specific process that is complimentary to construction management. We do not have any hiring or termination authority with the sub-contractors. We do not approve change orders or submittals. Our Construction Partnering Program is designed for our facilitators to remain neutral. Because of that neutrality we are focused on helping the team to identify and implement solutions that are in the best interest of the project itself. We work with all stakeholders to target budget compliance, schedule adherence, performance enhancement, quality improvement, safety mitigation and the identification and resolution of issues (i.e. dispute prevention) before they negatively affect the project or stakeholder relationships.

Our construction industry is more fragmented than ever. This fragmentation often leads to budget overruns, project delays, communication problems, finger pointing and ultimately litigation. The solution? The Creative Alliance Group Construction Partnering Program.