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Strategic Political Relationships

Our construction industry is challenging and constantly changing. We deal with aggressive schedules, limited budgets, increased safety requirements and ever-changing environmental constraints. However, one of the most challenging issues continues to be public agency approval and support of the local community.


Developing and maintaining strong agency relationships is critical for the successful construction of a project. With dozens of public agencies involved with the design, construction and ultimate build out of a project, invariably problems will arise. Creative Alliance Group has been developing, repairing and managing relationships between our clients and public agencies for nearly three decades.


We work closely with our clients to understand the project requirements and construction goals. We analyze which requirements will have an impact on the various public agencies. We develop and deploy a strategy for building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with those agencies. And, throughout the construction lifecycle of the project, we continue to maintain the relationships and the collaboration. And, when previous project consultants have damaged public agency relationships, we have the expertise to negotiate a “reset” and get the project back on track.


The same holds true for building and maintaining positive community relationships. Local community groups play a significant role in our industry. As a neighbor to the project they too have an interest in the ultimate design and use of the property. We work closely with these community leaders to understand their concerns and facilitate a positive relationship with our client. We have initiated and managed multiple community outreach programs resulting in the successful realignment of project opponents to support our client’s proposed developments.



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